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Select the class you would like to bring your child. Make sure you chose the correct class (4 to 7 years old are at 4:50pm – LC1) and (8 to 12 years old are at 5:40pm – LC2).

Our Programs

Gi Jiu-Jitsu Program

No Gi Jiu-Jitsu Program

Competition Program

Anti-Bullying Program

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Jiu-Jitsu can transform your child

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BJJ for Kids

6 Reasons why your

child must train Jiu-Jitsu

  • Discipline
    Jiu Jitsu will strengthen and improve kids discipline and focus. This will translate then into better school work, better relationships, and an overall quality of life.
  • Confidence
    BJJ will help kids obtain self-defense skills through their training, boosting their overall confidence which will, in turn, reduce their susceptibility to bullying.
  • Coordination
    Jiu Jitsu requires a child to execute techniques that contain many small details. Learning to perform these techniques develops the child's fine motor skills and teaches them a good understanding of base and balance.
  • Goal Setting
    Through the learning process in Jiu Jitsu you learn to reach a little farther and work a little bit harder each day. The goal every day is to improve by 1%.
  • Achieve Greater Goals
    There are many opportunities in Jiu Jitsu for you to test yourself and measure improvement; competition, receiving your next belt, executing a new technique while live rolling or an old one against a new opponent.
  • Socialization
    In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes children will meet many new friends and share common experiences like drilling techniques, playing games, and live rolling.

Unleash your child's full potential



Very good place to be Family oriented Great BJJ school. Me, my son and my grandson trained together there. Thank you Rodrigo and your team.
Marco Alevato
Marco Alevato
30. August, 2023.
Honestly, since i started my jiujitsu journey it has been the best thing ever, i mean everybody in the academy is so helpful always teaching lower belts how to get better and everybody treats everyone like family because in my opinion, that’s what we are, a family. Jiujitsu it’s a way of life and passion, especially in Gracie Barra Celebration, i’ve gained mental peace by just being in that place which is now like a home to me in such a short time. Gracie Barra at Celebration is the best!
Guillermo Marchan
Guillermo Marchan
29. August, 2023.
Professor Rodrigo and all the coaches are incredible. I have been training regularly for under a year and have no back ground in Martial Arts. The school fosters an environment of learning, competition, and safety. I have made lasting friendships with the professors, coaches, and other students. I can say with confidence Gracie Barra Celebration has greatly improved my ability, confidence, and life.
Cody Daniel
Cody Daniel
29. August, 2023.
Friendly coaches, very focused on the kids learning values and physical skills.
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez
29. August, 2023.
Amazing team, friendly, collaborative atmosphere.
Val V
Val V
27. May, 2023.
Ryan is the best kids instructor I have ever seen! Professor Rodrigo provides clear and precise instructions. The atmosphere is that of a mentoring one. Great people they are very good training partners. Iam a 4 stripe brown belt. Hope to see you there Bill
Blue Panda
Blue Panda
20. May, 2023.
Aelson Martins
Aelson Martins
13. April, 2023.
I was visiting Orlando and dropped in to train at Gracie Barra Celebration. Everyone was very friendly. Professor Rodrigo is a great teacher and very welcoming. It was a cool experience and I highly recommend dropping in !
sam ecom
sam ecom
1. April, 2023.


Our Programs

Gracie Barra Celebration teaches 4 programs for children, each one designed to develop and enhance different areas of your child.

Gi Program: The traditional Jiu-Jitsu teaching system. Children will learn techniques of defending and controlling the opponent, as well as developing discipline, respect, self-confidence and a sense of hierarchy.

Competition Program: It is aimed at children who have already been training for a few months and wish to prepare to participate in competitions. In these classes, our coaches will prepare children technically and emotionally for the competitive environment, which is naturally more challenging and hostile.

No Gi Program: The children will learn the techniques of defense and control of the opponent, as well as in the classes with Kimono, however, without the use of Kimono, thus being easy to assimilate the techniques for application in real situations.

Anti-bullying Program: In this program, children will learn how to intelligently and effectively avoid fights, however, if combat is inevitable, they will be fully prepared for physical defense, always focusing on neutralizing the attack without injuring the aggressor.

Don’t miss this opportunity, enroll your kid now and take advantage of our four programs taught by world-class coaches!