Rodrigo Frezza

1st Degree Black Belt
ICP4, ICP5, ICP6, ICP6_Revisited, CPR

Rodrigo Frezza was born in the state of São Paulo (Brazil), where he studied business administration. As a child, Rodrigo Frezza practiced karate and taekwondo, a few years later he became Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioner, and never stopped training. Later he moved to Japan and then Italy, having trained Jiu-Jitsu in both countries. He returned to Brazil to found his first Gracie Barra school in the city of Lençóis Paulista, in the interior of São Paulo, which remains open and many students have their lives changed through the benefits of Jiu-Jitsu.

At Gracie Barra Lençóis Paulista, Rodrigo formed a strong team of practitioners and competitors, in addition to serving as a personal defense instructor for the Military Police of the State of São Paulo for 3 years.

Rodrigo Frezza decided to open a Gracie Barra school in Celebration FL US, where he serves as head instructor. Its goal is to improve the lives of people in this community through the values and teachings of Jiu-Jitsu Gracie Barra, in addition to offering training to police officers and firefighters from central Florida.

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